5 Signs You Need Drug Detox in New Jersey

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Drug addiction is a complex disease and is sometimes difficult to identify. Individuals who suffer from drug addiction often are unable to identify the severity of their problems. Unfortunately, individuals suffering from addiction typically require help from a professional drug detox program. As a result, individuals must be able to recognize the signs of drug addiction so they are able to receive the proper help.

Drug detox in New Jersey is intended to help individuals recover from dependence on drugs. To explain further, detox programs focus on detoxing patients from any substances they have been abusing. Additionally, individuals attending a drug detox in New Jersey will receive psychological and physical treatment, as well as 24/7 care and support. As a result, patients are able to safely conquer drug withdrawal and begin their road to recovery. If you or a loved one abuse drugs or are addicted to drugs, keep reading to learn about the 5 signs you need detox.

What is Drug Detox?

Drug Detoxification

When a detox program includes medication, it is known as medically assisted detox. Medically assisted detox is typically performed in an inpatient setting and is always performed by licensed and experienced medical professionals. In this setting, medications are used throughout the detoxification process to ease symptoms of drug withdrawal. Symptoms of withdrawal vary from drug to drug. For example, heroin withdrawal symptoms include hot/cold sweats, restlessness, nausea, diarrhea, constipation, insomnia, anxiety, and more. On the other hand, cocaine withdrawal symptoms include exhaustion, restlessness, vivid nightmares, difficulty concentrating, slowed brain activity, and more. Due to the differences in withdrawal symptoms, doctors will decipher which form of treatment or medications are needed based upon what substance a patient was addicted to.

Detox is only the first step in drug addiction recovery. While drug detox gets you clean from substances, the next phases of drug addiction treatment prepare you to live a sober life as well as unpacking the underlying causes of addiction. Instead, residential and outpatient addiction treatment in New Jersey is always recommended for individuals desiring long-term sobriety.

5 Signs You Need Drug Detox in New Jersey

Drug addiction and it’s severity can be difficult to identify. When does casual drug use turn into drug abuse or addiction? It is often difficult to know due to the gradual nature of the process of drug addiction. If you are concerned that you or a loved one require drug detox, continue reading to learn about the 5 signs that you need professional detox.

1. Tolerance

If you or a loved one have built a tolerance to a substance, you need to attend drug detox. Tolerance is defined as an individual having to take more of a substance to achieve an effect they had previously received from a lower dosage.

2. Being Unable to Stop

If you have ever planned to just have one drink, or just take one hit, only to find yourself using all night- you may need drug detox. This is a sign of addiction, as people suffering from addiction suffer from the inability to stop using once they start. Additionally, individuals suffering from drug addiction require drug detox due to the likelihood of withdrawal symptoms.

3. Risky Behavior Due to Drug Abuse

If you engage in risky behavior when you use drugs, you should attend a drug detox. This is because your drug abuse is causing you to make impulsive decisions that could potentially end in life-threatening situations.

Examples of risky behavior due to drug abuse include:

  • Driving under while intoxicated or high
  • Having unprotected sex
  • Calling or texting people and saying things you later regret
  • Sharing needles
  • Blacking out and not even remember these events
  • Lying about how much or how often you use
  • Hiding alcohol or drugs around the house
  • Stealing to keep up your supply
  • Struggling with financial problems and getting in over your head
  • Had one or more DUIs
  • You’re at risk of losing your job

If you continue to use despite experiencing any of the previously mentioned behaviors, it is vital that you seek drug detox in New Jersey.

4. Drug Use Has Become a Priority

If you begin to neglect your responsibilities or give up on hobbies you previously enjoyed in order to spend more time using drugs, it may be time for drug detox. Additionally, if you have begun to neglect your social life, familial responsibilities, or personal hygiene, you are displaying signs of drug addiction. Therefore, individuals suffering from drug addiction should always attend a drug detox program in New Jersey.

5. Experiencing Withdrawal Symptoms

If you experience symptoms of drug withdrawal after stopping the use of a substance, drug detox is vital for your safety and health. This is because drug withdrawal symptoms can become dangerous and possibly life-threatening without professional medical supervision.

Attend a Drug Detox Program in New Jersey

If you or your loved one are experiencing signs of needing drug detox, New Jersey Interventions can help. With the combination of psychiatric care, medical health care, and ongoing support, our drug detox center can allow you to become free from drug addiction. Contact us today for a free and confidential consultation in regard to our drug detox program.

Medically Reviewed: July 23, 2020

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All of the information on this page has been reviewed and verified by a certified addiction professional.

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All of the information on this page has been reviewed and verified by a certified addiction professional.

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