Is Gender-Specific Addiction Treatment in New Jersey Right For You?

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Gender-specific addiction treatment programs in New Jersey exist to help you feel more comfortable discussing delicate issues in treatment, address the addiction-related issues that affect men and women differently, and promote a safe, judgment-free healing environment. Whether you have a history of letting relationships with the opposite sex get in the way of your recovery or you simply don’t feel safe discussing certain topics with the opposite gender, you may be a good candidate for a gender-specific program.

Addiction and alcoholism are complex diseases that affect men and women differently. As a result, the two genders may have different treatment needs. By splitting up the two genders during treatment, male and female-specific issues can be addressed. Even co-ed rehab centers may offer gender-specific counseling sessions, so if an all-male or all-female rehab isn’t right for you, you may still be able to benefit from this type of care.

The Benefits of Gender-Specific Drug and Alcohol Treatment

Gender-specific programs split up men and women into different treatment programs. Other rehab centers offer women’s only care or men’s only care. Due to the cultural and societal differences between men and women, there are many reasons why people can benefit from this approach.

Let’s take a look at some of the primary benefits of going to a gender-specific addiction treatment program.

Straight Patients Have Fewer Distractions in Rehab

People who identify as “straight,” or those who are attracted to the opposite sex, may benefit from women’s or men’s only rehab. This is because splitting up the genders can eliminate any potential emotional, physical, or sexual tension. While this benefit may not apply to LGBTQ+ identifying individuals, there are LGBTQ+ friendly programs that can tend to these needs.

If you are someone who has a reputation for getting into relationships in early recovery and letting those relationships jeopardize your recovery, gender-specific rehab could be a good option for you. This approach will let you stay focused and gain support from people of the same gender to whom you are not physically attracted to.

You Can Form Life-Long Friendships

Peer support is a key component needed for successful recovery. Shared life experiences, struggles, and successes can bring people together on a very intimate and personal level. And, since women and men face different challenges in addiction and in recovery, you can benefit from befriending and obtaining support from people of the same gender.

You Can Talk About Gender-Specific Issues

Men and women have different treatment needs due to their varying life experiences. For example, women are more likely to be the victims of sexual assault, have to deal with the obstacles that come with motherhood, and have different dynamics in the workplace, home, and relationships than men do.

On the other hand, men may be more likely to struggle with anger issues or they may have a difficult time getting vulnerable and opening up about their past. Men who have been sexually abused, for example, may feel uncomfortable opening up about this in front of women, and vice versa.

Gender-specific addiction treatment programs split up the two genders, allowing patients to discuss sensitive issues that they would otherwise not feel comfortable or safe discussing.

Gender-Specific Rehab is Associated With a Higher Level of Comfort

Separating the two genders during rehab can also help you obtain a higher level of comfort during treatment. There are many reasons why co-ed rehabs may be less comfortable for some, for example, some men or women may not feel comfortable discussing certain issues with the other gender, there may be sexual tension or distractions between patients, and many patients simply feel more secure when they are bonding with members of the same sex.

If you are worried about getting vulnerable in front of someone of the opposite gender, a gender-specific program may be right for you.

You Can Obtain Highly-Specialized Care

The most effective addiction treatment programs in New Jersey are those that provide individualized treatment plans. Since gender-specific programs are able to remove distractions and focus on gender-specific issues, they are also likely to provide highly specialized care.

Whether you are a trauma survivor who needs PTSD therapy, a person with anger management issues who needs to learn coping mechanisms, or someone who always relapses after a relationship, gender-specific treatment can provide you with the individualized care you need and deserve.

Find A Gender-Specific Addiction Treatment Program in New Jersey Today

Substance use disorders affect everyone differently, and if you truly want to recover, it is imperative that you seek out a New Jersey rehab program that can address your individual needs. At New Jersey Addiction Interventions, our addiction experts understand the importance of individualized care and are dedicated to helping you or your loved one find the right treatment program for you.

Whether you think you can benefit from gender-specific addiction treatment in New Jersey or you’d like to learn more about your rehab options, contact one of our dedicated treatment providers today.

Medically Reviewed: April 2, 2021

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All of the information on this page has been reviewed and verified by a certified addiction professional.

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