How to Find a Substance Abuse Interventionist in New Jersey

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Addiction often has serious consequences, including damage to a person’s physical and mental health. The effects of addiction are felt in every part of a person’s life, including their financial health, safety, and relationships. No one chooses to develop an addiction to drugs and alcohol. It is a serious and complex condition that wreaks havoc on a person’s life.

Loving someone with an addiction can be incredibly difficult, too. If someone you love lives with addiction, you probably want to help them get the treatment they need. This can be challenging. The worry, guilt, sadness, or anger people feel about their loved one’s addiction may make it hard to talk about this subject in a calm, supportive way.

Many people who want to help a loved one with an addiction may plan an intervention. An intervention is an event that brings people together to offer a show of support to their addicted loved one. The goal of an intervention is to get someone who lives with addiction to agree to start treatment.

An intervention is more likely to be successful if it is carefully planned and practiced. A trained substance abuse interventionist can help you plan a successful intervention. We will talk about the role of an addiction interventionist and how to hire one so that you can make informed choices about what to do next.

What Happens During an Intervention?

Many people have an idea of what happens during an intervention because of things they’ve seen on TV or in movies. Often in the media, interventions are portrayed as chaotic or highly emotional. However, a real intervention can be loving, supportive, and effective.

According to the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, 90% of interventions may be effective. An intervention is, at its core, just positive peer pressure. Family members and friends tell their loved one how their addiction has impacted their lives. They ask their loved one to go to treatment. In many cases, the group members outline the consequences that will come if the person refuses treatment.

The chance that an intervention will be successful is greater if there is enough planning and preparation. In many ways, what happens before the intervention is just as important as what happens during the event.

How Can an Addiction Interventionist Help People Plan an Intervention?

An addiction interventionist provides support to the friends and family of someone with addiction before, during, and after an intervention. Their role is to help the family plan a successful intervention and offer guidance during the event.

An addiction interventionist will often meet with a group to assist with planning and preparation. This may mean educating people about addiction and recovery or referring them to appropriate treatment centers and other community resources.

An interventionist can help in many other ways, including:

  • Offering emotional support to all involved
  • Sharing their own experience with addiction and recovery
  • Helping to keep the planning and intervention calm and focused
  • Guiding the intervention to keep it on track
  • Stopping the intervention if it is not productive
  • Supporting and guiding the group after the intervention

Having professional support can help people hold focused, loving interventions and get the results they want.

Choosing a Substance Abuse Interventionist in New Jersey

There are several ways to find a substance abuse interventionist in New Jersey. You may reach out to your doctor or other medical professionals for a referral. You can also contact your local addiction treatment center for information about professional interventionists in your area.

When choosing an addiction specialist in New Jersey, it’s important to find one with the experience and personality that meet your group’s needs. Before hiring an addiction specialist to manage your intervention, consider:

  • How many interventions they have managed
  • What intervention techniques or style they use
  • What credentials or certifications they hold
  • Which services they do and do not offer
  • If they offer continuous support from beginning to end

You may also ask the addiction specialist to provide references from other families they have supported.

Ultimately, you must feel comfortable with the interventionist’s experience, personality, and approach. This person will bring their skills and experience into a very personal part of your family’s life. Feeling safe and trusting their guidance is essential to holding a successful intervention.

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Medically Reviewed: March 15, 2022

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All of the information on this page has been reviewed and verified by a certified addiction professional.

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