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Addiction Intervention in New Jersey

Drug and alcohol interventions play an important role in helping loved ones seek professional help for addictions. It’s not easy to watch a family member or friend spiral into a life of drug or alcohol addiction. What’s even worse is watching them refuse professional addiction treatment time and time again. Unfortunately, many friends and family members are left to helplessly watch their loved one’s addiction get out of control.

One baffling aspect of addiction is that many people truly don’t believe that their problem is bad enough to warrant seeking help. On the other hand, many people would prefer to be left alone to drink alcohol and use drugs, regardless of the consequences. Sometimes, it takes a lot of time and effort for an addict or alcoholic to see the true weight of their situation. That’s where New Jersey Interventions comes in.

Our trained interventionists can help you and your family stage a drug or alcohol intervention with the ultimate goal of convincing your loved one to go to rehab. You don’t have to wait until your loved one asks for help – you can bring help directly to them and encourage them to accept your offer. In many cases, this is one of the most effective ways to convince a loved one to go to rehab.

What is a Drug and Alcohol Intervention?

Drug and alcohol interventions attempt to encourage individuals to see the full weight of their behaviors and convince them to get help. Our experience at New Jersey Interventions shows that the vast majority of alcoholics and addicts are in denial about their addictions long before they actually seek help. However, the sooner people go to treatment, the better. Interventions help disrupt an individual’s substance abuse, attempt to strike an emotional chord with the person suffering, and help the entire family feel at ease once their loved one goes to a rehab center.

A vital component of drug and alcohol interventions is to provide education and information to the family about substance use disorder and addiction. It’s hard to understand re-curring substance abuse if you haven’t been there yourself, but it’s impossible to help a loved one if you don’t understand what they are going through.

Addiction interventions provide an opportunity for the entire family to confront and support their addicted loved one under the supervision of a certified interventionist. This time isn’t to provoke shame or guilt, but to show your loved one that you care about their health and well-being. Successful intervention planning is highly effective in convincing a friend or family member to go to a rehab program.

How Addiction Interventions Work

You should never attempt an intervention without hiring a professional. Addiction is a touchy, emotional subject. As a result, you don’t know how your loved one will respond when confronted about his or her substance abuse. While some may be understanding, others may lash out in anger, hurt, fear, denial, shame, and more. You never know what to expect, but our interventionists in New Jersey are trained to handle these situations. Before you begin planning an intervention, it’s crucial to speak with an addiction specialist in New Jersey first.

A trusted interventionist will help you and your family devise a plan of action. First, you and your family will gain an understanding of the disease of addiction and how you can support your loved one. Next, you will set up a time and place for the intervention and have plans in place for your loved one to check into detox, inpatient rehab, and outpatient programs. The addiction specialist will speak with each member of the group about how their loved one’s behaviors have affected or worried them. These concerns will be written down, adjusted for maximum efficiency, and presented to the loved one during the intervention.

Addiction specialists are trained to handle these difficult situations and will mitigate the conversation if emotions get heated. At New Jersey Interventions, our specialists will help you develop a successful plan that will guide your loved one to recovery. We will consider the needs of your loved one, suggest an evidence-based treatment program, and provide your family and your loved one with guidance and support throughout the entire process. When an intervention is done the right way, it can ultimately save a person’s life.

Interventions in New Jersey

Confronting a loved one about their substance use is never easy. It’s not about forcing your loved one to go to rehab or unleashing anger on them. Instead, the goal is to encourage an addict or alcohol to willingly agree to enter an addiction treatment program. At New Jersey Interventions, our experts are experienced and trained in conducting interventions. We will help you plan, organize, and carry out your own.

When interventions are successful and are followed by a comprehensive drug or alcohol rehab plan, it is the most effective approach to long-term sobriety. Our addiction specialists not only work with you in the beginning, but we will help develop a personalized aftercare treatment plan for ongoing support. Are you ready to help your loved one get the help they need? Contact us to learn about your options.

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