Is a New Jersey Men’s Rehab Right For Me?

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For men seeking addiction treatment, gender-specific treatment is an excellent option. Men have different driving forces behind their drug and alcohol abuse compared with women. This means the treatment plan will differ for men. At a men’s rehab program in New Jersey, the treatment will be tailored towards male-centered issues.

There are higher rates of addiction among men as well as higher rates of drug overdose and death.[1] This makes the disease of addiction especially dangerous for men. Men also face different societal pressures and health issues than women, and a men’s only rehab can help address these issues. A male treatment program helps to guide men through the problems their gender faces in order to get sober and provide highly individualized care.

What is Gender-Specific Treatment?

Gender-specific treatment is addiction treatment that treats men and women separately. Men are known to respond differently to drugs and use different substances than women. Men also experience different cravings, triggers, and have different relapse risks during recovery.[2] There are also basic cultural and social differences between men and women that affect their addictive behaviors. Because of this, men benefit from treatment that is specifically geared towards them.

Men’s rehab programs in New Jersey focus on male-related problems that occur in addiction. This specialized treatment allows men to address those problems and learn to cope with them in a healthy way. This helps support long-term recovery and reduces the risk of relapse in the future.

What is Men’s Specific Treatment Like?

During typical co-ed rehab, topics for both genders are discussed. This could mean some days are more heavily focused on women’s issues and vice versa. For a man in rehab, sitting in on a discussion of women’s addiction issues won’t be very useful to their recovery. Men’s only rehab centers in New Jersey avoid this problem by only exploring men’s issues.

Therapy sessions and group sessions will focus on all aspects of recovery as well as very important problems that are unique to men. This means that men participating in gender-specific rehab will be able to get extremely specialized care and get more benefits out of their treatment experience.

Who Can Benefit From Men’s Drug Rehab in New Jersey?

Who Can Benefit From Men’s Drug Rehab?

While men’s rehab may not be the right choice for everyone, there are certain types of men who will have more success at a gender-specific rehab center. Men are brought up to be strong and are often discouraged from talking about personal issues, especially mental health and addiction. As a result, they often have a hard time opening up about their emotions and struggle to accept help when it is offered. It is also not uncommon for men in treatment programs to even be hostile towards staff and counselors. Here are the different types of men who can benefit from a men’s rehab program in New Jersey.

Men Who Have Trouble Expressing Their Emotions

Society puts immense pressure on men to appear tough and unemotional. This makes it difficult for the vast majority of men to speak about their struggles in front of other people, especially women. At a men’s only rehab, they might feel more comfortable opening up because the fear of appearing weak in front of women is removed and they are placed in an understanding and nonjudgmental environment.

Men Who Fear Judgment

In addition to the fear of expressing emotions, men also fear being judged for previous actions they have engaged in. Some men may have engaged in abusive behavior towards female partners. They might not be comfortable sharing these experiences when women are present.

These are important problems that men need to discuss in order to work on bettering themselves. Not having women at the treatment center removes that fear of judgment and allows men to speak openly about these incidents. This provides them a safe environment to process their issues and allows them to heal from them.

Men Who Have ExperiencedTrauma

Trauma is an especially sensitive topic regardless of gender, however, men find it especially shameful. It is something that takes them a lot of time to work through and open up about. At men’s specific rehabs, the staff and counselors are sensitive to just how difficult it is for men to discuss past traumas. Being around other men will also help them to feel more at ease and speak openly about previous traumatic events.

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For men suffering from addiction, it is especially difficult to ask for help. Being at an all-male treatment center will help make the process of getting sober easier. At New Jersey Interventions, we can help you or a loved one find an excellent men’s rehab program in New Jersey. Call us now to get started.


Medically Reviewed: April 14, 2021

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All of the information on this page has been reviewed and verified by a certified addiction professional.

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