5 Qualities to Look for in a New Jersey Rehab Center

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Whether you or a loved one are suffering from drug addiction or alcoholism, it’s vital to find the right New Jersey rehab center for your specific needs. Unfortunately, the search for a reputable addiction treatment center can be confusing, exhausting, and ultimately- overwhelming.

Ensuring that the rehab facility provides each service you will require can be difficult when you have never been to treatment before. Because of this, we have outlined the top 5 qualities to look for in a New Jersey rehab center.

Top 5 qualities to look for in a New Jersey rehab center

1. Professional and Caring Staff

When you are attending a rehab facility, the quality of treatment that you receive directly depends on the quality of the staff. With that being said, you should always make sure to ask questions about the treatment center’s employees while researching a potential program.

When calling a specific treatment facility for information, you will most likely speak to a receptionist or an admissions employee. When interacting with them, pay attention to their behavior.

Make sure to notice if they were friendly, helpful, patient, or professional. Through these simple interactions, you can get a feel as to how the environment of the rehab center is.

Important questions to ask a potential addiction treatment center include:

  • Do you have a doctor on staff?
  • Is there a medical team that is available for 24 hours?
  • What is your clinician-to-patient ratio?
  • What kind of credentials and experience do your employees have?

Because addiction is very harsh on the body, it’s important to be surrounded by experienced and sympathetic staff. Before deciding on a specific rehab program, make sure to confirm that they employ experienced and qualified clinicians.

2. All Levels of Care

It has been proven that individuals who spend a long time in treatment typically have higher success rates than those who don’t. Because of this, it’s important to find a treatment center that offers a full continuum of care. This includes drug and alcohol detox, inpatient (residential) treatment, and outpatient programming.

Let’s take a look at the basics of each level of addiction treatment care.


Detox is the first step in an individual’s journey of recovery. During detox, patients will be medically supervised while they rid their bodies of substances.[1] Oftentimes, individuals experience mild to severe symptoms of withdrawal that must be medically managed.

Detox programs incorporate the use of safe medications to soothe withdrawal symptoms and help patients move on to the next phase of recovery.


Inpatient, or residential treatment, is a form of addiction treatment that provides patients with housing, food, and 24/7 care. Inpatient treatment includes the use of medications to manage drug and alcohol cravings, group counseling, individual therapy, and treatment for co-occurring disorders.

This level of care is regarded as being the most effective, as it allows patients to fully focus on their recovery without any outside distractions.


Outpatient treatment is usually the last step in a person’s addiction treatment journey. This form of treatment allows patients to reside at home while attending weekly therapy and counseling sessions.

The freedom provided during outpatient programs allows patients to continue working jobs or taking care of their families while receiving the same treatment modalities that inpatient treatment offers.

3. Personalized Treatment Plans

Personalized addiction treatment plans provide patients with the best possible outcomes.[2] This is because each step during the treatment process has been tailored to the patient’s unique needs, ensuring that the individual is provided with a strong foundation of sobriety.

To explain, some individuals may require extra time in detox due to severe symptoms of withdrawal. On the other hand, other patients may need medication management and therapy for co-occurring disorders, such as bipolar disorder or anxiety.

Whatever your specific needs are, you can rest assured that they will be met when you attend a New Jersey rehab center that offers personalized treatment plans.

4. Family Involvement

Addiction is a family disease. Because of this, the whole family must be treated to ensure that the patient will return to a peaceful and harmonious household. With that being said, it’s important to find a rehab that recognizes the role of the entire family in treatment. Additionally, completing family therapy may be necessary for you to repair any damage that your addiction might have caused your relationships with loved ones.

Some questions you should ask about family involvement include:

  • Will I be able to contact my loved ones? If so, how often?
  • Can my loved ones visit me?
  • Do you offer family therapy sessions?
  • Are there any resources or support groups for families of those struggling with addiction that you provide?

By keeping in touch with your loved ones, you will receive much-needed encouragement and motivation to continue treatment. However, if a therapist decides that contacting your family will only hinder your recovery, they may suggest no contact until family therapy sessions can be completed.

Whatever the case may be, it is vital to find a New Jersey rehab center that emphasizes the importance of family involvement.

5. Aftercare Planning

While addiction treatment will end, your recovery journey will only have just begun. It has been proven that individuals who partake in aftercare addiction treatment programs experience a higher success rate than people who did not.[2]

Your New Jersey addiction treatment center should provide the following aftercare services:

  • Continued group or individual therapy
  • Relapse prevention planning
  • Resources for sober living programs
  • 12-step support groups or other recovery groups
  • Alumni meetings and activities to keep former patients connected

Attending a New Jersey Rehab Program

At New Jersey Addiction Interventions, we understand the importance of finding a quality addiction treatment program. By providing our patients with a full continuum of care, including interventions, medical detox, residential treatment, and relapse prevention, we ensure that our patients have the tools they need to achieve and maintain sobriety. If you or a loved one require addiction treatment in New Jersey, contact us today.


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Medically Reviewed: January 29, 2021

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All of the information on this page has been reviewed and verified by a certified addiction professional.

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