Should You Travel for Rehab? Weighing The Pros and Cons

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The first place most people turn when they decide they need help for drug or alcohol addiction is to their insurance provider. This is because treatment can be expensive. Most insurance providers will provide treatment coverage at several different facilities – some of which may be local and others out-of-state. As a result, you may be asking yourself the question, “should I travel for rehab?”

Choosing a Rehab Center

After you make the decision to go to rehab, you’ll have to decide which rehab to go to. And, when presented with all of your options, you may have to choose whether you want to travel for rehab or go to a local New Jersey rehab center.

Even though there are treatment centers in all 50 states, each facility is unique – and the setting and environment in which you obtain treatment can make a huge difference in your recovery.

Since you have the power to choose where you go to rehab and start your recovery, it’s important that you understand the pros and cons of traveling for rehab.

Traveling for Rehab: The Pros

Many people find that traveling for treatment is an effective and preferred option. Plus, being willing to travel and go out-of-state opens up your options to attend thousands of different programs throughout the United States. As a result, you may be more likely to find a rehab center that meets your needs if you are willing to go a little further away from home.

Some people live in rural areas where addiction treatment resources are scarce. Other people may be in over-populated cities that don’t have any open beds at their treatment programs. So, when resources are limited in your area, you may have no other choice but to travel – and that might be a good thing!

Oftentimes, people who struggle with addiction find themselves in unhealthy relationships with other people who abuse drugs and/or alcohol. If this sounds like you, you may benefit from traveling for rehab so you can distance yourself from toxic relationships.

Another reason why some people choose to travel for rehab is to maintain their privacy. If you are fearful that going to rehab in your home town will result in professional or social consequences, traveling may be the better option for you.

Traveling for Rehab: The Cons

While there are many benefits of traveling for addiction treatment, there are several disadvantages as well. Some cons of leaving your city for rehab include:

  • Travel costs can be expensive
  • It can be difficult for loved ones to visit
  • You may struggle to be so far away from friends and family
  • It can complicate the aftercare planning process

If traveling isn’t right for you, you can attend a local New Jersey addiction treatment program, instead.

Going to a Nearby New Jersey Rehab: The Pros

Even though a lot of people travel for rehab, others prefer to stay in their hometown to be close to their family and friends. Support is an important part of recovery, and going to a new town could mean having to make a brand new support group. By staying local, you can stay close to your friends, family, and sober supports that you already have.

Another important part of the treatment process is family involvement. If you go to a rehab near you, your family will have an easier time coming to visit, participate in therapy, and actively be a part of your recovery.

In addition to being close to family and friends, staying local for rehab can save you a lot of money. You may be able to live at home or avoid paying for airfare and gas – two fees that can add up big time. If finances are an issue for you, it may be smarter to go to a nearby treatment facility.

Lastly, another benefit of staying local for rehab is your familiarity with the area. When you leave rehab, you’ll need to attend local meetings and take advantage of the resources. Being familiar with the city, you will have no trouble adjusting to your new life in recovery.

Going to a Nearby New Jersey Rehab: The Cons

While there are many advantages of going to a New Jersey rehab near you, there are disadvantages, as well. Some cons of staying local include:

  • There may be an increased risk to leave treatment early
  • Friends and family can serve as a distraction from your actual recovery
  • You may have to settle for a lower level of care or a program that doesn’t have certain amenities
  • There will be fewer treatment options the closer you stay to home.

In the end, the decision to travel or to stay local for rehab is up to you. However, an addiction treatment specialist can help you discuss your needs and figure out which route is best for you.

Should You Travel for Rehab?

Choosing a rehab center is about so much more than location. It’s also about the therapies offered, amenities provided, and levels of care practiced. Your decision should be made based on which program will give you the best chances of long-term sobriety.

At New Jersey Addiction Interventions, we know that choosing the right rehab center is an overwhelmingly complicated process. But, that’s why we’re here to help. Call today to get connected with the best drug and alcohol rehab centers in New Jersey.

Medically Reviewed: March 19, 2021

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All of the information on this page has been reviewed and verified by a certified addiction professional.

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All of the information on this page has been reviewed and verified by a certified addiction professional.

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