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People who develop an addiction to drugs or alcohol often face serious risks to their physical and emotional health, legal problems, and strain in their important relationships. The true costs of addiction are not measured in only the money spent buying drugs and alcohol. They are measured in lost opportunities, frustration and disappointment, and a loss of friendships.

Fortunately, many people are successful at overcoming their addiction when they receive the treatment they need. While devastating at any point, struggling with addiction at a young age can mean a lifetime of serious consequences to your physical health, social life, and emotional wellbeing. Many parents worry or wonder about their teen’s substance use, and for good reason.

In the media, teens are often shown drinking and using drugs at parties or with their friends. This seems to be a reflection of what is happening in real life. Research suggests that teen substance use should be a concern to parents in this country. In a recent survey, three-quarters of high school students reported ever using an addictive substance, and two-thirds have tried more than one.

If you or a teen you love struggle with substance abuse or addiction, it is important to get substance abuse treatment. You are not alone. There are many options available for teen substance abuse treatment in New Jersey. Learning more about the different types of addiction treatment for teens can help you make the best decision about your care.

Understanding Teen Substance Use Disorder (SUD)

Teens may begin to use drugs or alcohol recreationally and then quickly develop a substance use disorder. The term substance use disorder was developed to describe substance use that meets the criteria of requiring treatment to stop. Left untreated, a substance use disorder can develop into an addiction–a physical or emotional dependence on a substance. It is important to get treatment for a substance use disorder as soon as you recognize it.

In teens, symptoms of a substance use disorder include:

  • Using drugs or alcohol to manage emotions or stress
  • Using more of the substance than they intended to or is recommended
  • Needing more of the substance to get the same effect
  • Hiding, lying, or being secretive about their drug use
  • Getting into legal trouble
  • Falling behind at school or failing to take care of responsibilities at home
  • Significant changes in mood, appetite, sleep, or hygiene
  • Isolation
  • Losing interest in activities they used to enjoy
  • Getting hurt or having accidents while using
  • Spending a lot of time getting, using, recovering from, or thinking about the substance

Research shows that the earlier a person begins to use drugs or alcohol, the more likely they are to experience negative consequences and develop an addiction.[1] If you recognize several of these symptoms of SUD in your child, you may need to get them into a program that offers addiction treatment for teens.

What Happens During Teen Substance Abuse Treatment in New Jersey

Treatment facilities in New Jersey offer a wide range of substance abuse treatment options, including addiction treatment for teens. Generally, addiction treatment happens in several stages. These include:

Stages of Addiction Treatment

Intake Assessment

You will be asked questions about your mental and physical health, substance use, history of relapse, and other topics that will help your treatment team design a program to meet your needs.


If needed, you will go through detox under the supervision of medical staff who will treat you for uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms.


You will follow a carefully-designed teen substance abuse treatment program that includes therapy, group support, medications, and education. You may also participate in family therapy, holistic therapies, and medical or mental health treatment.

Addiction treatment is offered in both inpatient and outpatient settings. Programs can range from 30 days to up to six months or more depending on the severity of your addiction.

After completing treatment, you must make an aftercare plan to help you stay engaged and committed to recovery.

How Effective is Addiction Treatment for Teens?

When teens get the treatment they need early in their substance use, it is very effective. Only about 7% of teens who require substance abuse get the help they need.[2] Parents may not recognize their child’s substance use or they may simply not know how to get started.

Addiction treatment gives teens the skills they need to manage stress, find healthy outlets for difficult emotions like shame, guilt, and anger, and can improve their social skills and awareness. For most teens, treatment gives them a boost in self-confidence that spills over into other areas of their life.

If nothing else, going to treatment can be a wake-up call. It can show teens that there is help available, that they are not alone, and that people are taking their substance abuse seriously.

Find a Teen Substance Abuse Treatment Program in New Jersey Today

If you or a teen you love require substance abuse treatment, don’t wait another day. The earlier you get help, the better the outcome may be.

Anyone can recover from a substance use disorder or addiction if they receive the right treatment. Reach out to the staff at New Jersey Addiction Interventions to get connected with an addiction treatment center for teens.


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Medically Reviewed: November 16, 2021

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All of the information on this page has been reviewed and verified by a certified addiction professional.

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