What Emotions Are Felt During Drug Detox

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Drug detoxification is a dangerous physical process that occurs when someone addicted to a chemical substance stops taking it. The emotions that come along with drug detox vary depending on what substance a person is coming off. However, most drug withdrawal symptoms accompany fear, stress, and anxiety as the main emotional struggles during the detox phase of rehabilitation.

Many people are scared of drug detox, and these fear-based feelings drive the urge to continue using despite the negative consequences. Fear of the unknown is a strong emotion cemented in our belief that the future will not be positive for those living with substance dependency.

What Feelings We Experience During Drug Detox

These negative feelings and emotions make it difficult to get clean and sober in the long term. They cause recovering women and women to relapse back into an active cycle of substance abuse or alcoholism. The solution to overcoming the stressors, fears, and anxieties keeping us from recovery includes psychotherapy, group and individual counseling, along with sober support through twelve-step meetings.

Overcoming Negative Emotions During Drug Detox

Our interventionists at New Jersey Addiction Interventions have plenty of experience in helping men and women that struggle with controlling their emotions during drug detox. The feelings we experience during detox are sometimes so intense and often negative that it’s almost impossible to get through the pain alone. However, with sober support, a clear vision for getting better, and a solid recovery plan, anyone can heal the pain, fear, stress, and anxiety they are struggling with in their addiction.

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It may feel like there is no way out with all the painful emotions weighing down the life of someone abusing drugs or alcohol. The truth is the furthest from that feeling because even the worst situations offer a glimmer of hope if you’re dedicated enough to get better. Positive thoughts can also be achieved using mindful meditation techniques that are taught in treatment programs in New Jersey and out-of-state.

Medically Reviewed: November 27, 2022

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All of the information on this page has been reviewed and verified by a certified addiction professional.

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